Subscription Boxes

Enjoy Bath Luxuries delivered to Your door every month. Choose between Three Options that fit your bath time needs and never leave the comfort of your home

All Boxes Are Shipped Out On The 10th!!   


The Fuse

Life is busy and we know that so we offer a three item box for the busy lifes out there. The Fuse comes with Three full size bath goodies for your bath time. 



Shower Blaster

Do you Love Showers? 

Our Shower Blaster box is back. This box comes with 4 full sized shower goodies to get you through the month. 



The Bomb

 The Bomb Box  has 5 full sized bath items that are handmade to reflect the special theme of the each month



The Detonator

For a limited time get The Detonator with SIX bath items and Free Shipping. 

This deal will not last and its to good to pass up. 



When Will I Get My Box?

You've Ordered

If you ordered before the 5th of the month you will receive your box on the 10th. 

If after the 5th then your box will be sent the following month. 

Waiting is Hard

We know you can't wait for the bath goodies. Well your in luck we also have a store where you can purchase bath bombs and have them delivered that week. 

It has Shipped

It's the 10th already? That went fast. Now in 2-3 days you'll be recieving your  box of bath goodies. Start preparing the bath. 

Its HERE!!!


Its time to unwind, relax and get in that tub and enjoy your bath time. 

Your next box will be delivered before you know it.